Elephant Gems is dedicated to telling the stories of the miners, cutters, and their families and communities through the gems we bring to market. We exist to help bring a better tomorrow to those the world and our industry so often overlook.



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Ethically Sourced. Socially Responsible.

Our family has been engaged in the jewelry and gemstone business for nearly two decades. Elephant Gems focus is to provide ethically sourced and socially responsible precious and semi-precious gemstones. Through the years, we have begun to create jewelry in our design and manufacturing studio in the Pacific Northwest.

Elephant Gems is dedicated to providing a better tomorrow for the miners, cutters, their families, and communities through the gemstones and jewelry we bring to market, Mines To Yours®.

About Elephant Gem’s, Ltd. (Bahamas)

Elephant Gems Inc., a USA-based design and manufacturing firm, decided to partner with our Bahamian family, Greg Miller and Guido Rolle to open the first Elephant Gem’s retail location abroad in Bimini, Bahamas. We say the first because it’s only the beginning.

Greg Miller and Guido Rolle, Bahamian natives, have spent years helping make Bimini what it is today: a true vacation destination and a tourist’s paradise. Their expertise in real estate and development helped cultivate the idea of bringing jewelry to the island for the first time in many years. Through Elephant Gem’s, and our partnership with Resorts World Bimini they can offer treasures from all over the world to the travelers who pass through or have chosen to make Bimini a second home. Through countless hours spent with their friends, the Hansen’s, and selling them a home on the island the realization was made that together, we could make that vision come true.

While Greg and Guido operate the retail location in Bimini with our friend and in-house gemologist Colin, TJ spends his time sourcing gems from around the world and designs and manufactures most of the pieces you will find in our boutique. In addition to the Elephant Gems brand, Mines To Yours®, we do our due diligence with our other partners to ensure we sell the most ethically sourced and environmentally friendly jewelry possible.

Please come stop by and enjoy our boutique, and if you are inclined to take a piece of our collection home with you, we are forever grateful that you are now a part of our journey and the journey of our friends and partners worldwide.

Thank you for visiting Elephant Gems,

TJ Hansen
Elephant Gems, Inc. (USA)
Elephant Gems, Ltd. (Bahamas)
Director | Designer

Greg Miller
Elephant Gems, Ltd. (Bahamas)

Guido Rolle
Elephant Gems, Ltd. (Bahamas)


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What They Are Saying

I am completely blown away with the extraordinary results from wearing the gems I have purchased from you.  They are exquisitely beautiful, and very powerful.

The first time I held my Red Coral, I could feel it pumping energy into my kidneys.  Within an hour of putting it on, my eyes were rounder and had much more life in them.

Thank you for the gorgeous yellow sapphire you sold me about a year ago. Your staff was very helpful at guiding me to find just what I wanted in a gemstone and setting.