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Here at Elephant Gems we are committed to sourcing high-quality rough gemstones that are guaranteed to be sourced ethically and responsibly. The gemstones sourced by Elephant Gems are not only free from violence, abuse, and human rights violations but are also produced with minimal impact to the environment. These are standards that we will not vary from for any reason or request whatsoever. 

A percentage of all of our sales will go back to help support humanitarian projects in the communities in which we source our gemstones from. We thrive to make a difference one gemstone at a time.


In our effort to combat human exploitation, environmental damage and the devastation of conflict gems we have created an ethically sourced and socially responsible brand, a brand we call MINES TO YOURS. Elephant Gems is dedicated to telling the stories of the miners, cutters, and their families and communities through the gems we bring to market. We exist to help bring a better tomorrow to those the world and our industry so often overlook. 


Human trafficking is one of the most devastating inhumanities in the world today. Globally, most recent estimates indicate that there are over 40 million slaves in the world today-the largest amount in history. Elephant Gems partners with Love Justice International on the mission to change that.

Love Justice International has been able to intercept more than 13,000 active or potential trafficking cases. And that number is growing every day. A portion of each Elephant Gem purchase goes directly to the work of Love Justice International to help fight human trafficking by intercepting lives before exploitation and enslavement.

Elephant Gems partners in the current work of Love Justice International in several gem producing and manufacturing countries around the world.

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